Romeo and Juliet Inspired Shoot

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Inspired by the greatest love story of all time, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this shoot perfectly brought to life Shakespeare’s prolific play. Featured on Wedding Bells, wedding planner and stylist, Ashley Linzdon perfectly brought the story to life and it all started at the incredible location. Leave it to that woman to turn a children’s summer camp into the world’s most romantic backdrop.


I had met the model, Michelle, only a few weeks prior and was so excited to work with her again. I kept everything incredibly simple, with minimal foundation and blush. The eyes stayed neutral but were the focus with a winged liner and a big ol’ set of lashes.



We were neck deep in a season plagued with floral crowns in photo shoots. The truth is – I love flowers in the hair however they get there. But I was desperate to try something different. Luckily Becky of Blush and Bloom was on board and provided me with amazing flowers to weave through Michelle’s five strand braid.


Speaking of flowers… holy woah. Becky took the traditional and classic red rose and created the most stunning, contemporary centerpieces and bouquet. And that floral garland. My word. The girl is a talent.



Working on this shoot was the first time I had ever met the photographer Scarlet O’neill. Already in love with her Instagram (oh that puppy of hers!), she was even more captivating in real life. She is a master of lighting and direction and I couldn’t think of a better person to spend a day with. My heart still skips a beat when I look at the light peaking through the barn wood.


Role Call

Style and Creative Design: Ashley Linzdon Events / Flowers: Blush and Bloom / Cake: J’Adore Cakes Co. / Catering: Elyse Leanna / Veil: Posh Veils / Dress: Two Birds Bridesmaids / Calligraphy: Barbara Kua / Rentals: Happily Ever After Inc. / Location: Camp Robin Hood / Ring: Mark Lash

Narnia Inspired Wedding Shoot

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A long overdue look at a shoot I worked on in early spring. It was featured on one of my favourite wedding blogs, The Wedding Co. (based in Toronto! Hey-o!) and later picked up by UK wedding blog, Wedding Sparrow.

I am still so taken aback by these photos. The team was truly amazing and a definite round up of some of Toronto’s most creative wedding vendors. I feel so lucky to have taken part!


As soon as this theme was mentioned to me by wedding planner, Laura Olsen, I knew I had to be involved. The Chronicles of Narnia are near and dear to my heart and it was so wonderful to see parts of the story come to life.

The sweet table by Sugarbelle Cakes was out of this world. The hot chocolate, Turkish delight and bundt cake was such brilliant literal reference to the book. The watercolour detailing on the cake is so perfect.



The images from Reid from When He Found Her are so beautiful. Of course when I picture the story, book and films in my head, I always pictured something so dark. But Reid went the complete opposite, utilizing the amazing light in the Berkley Field House, the white backdrop a nod to the snow in Narnia.



I still haven’t found the words for the flowers, crowns and tablescapes… they took my breath away when I arrived for the day. Botany  was simply perfect for this, and combined with Vintage China Hire, the results were magic.


The Junior Bridesmaid and I became fast friends, also named ‘Ashley’, she showed me things I never knew my phone could do and somehow got away with calling me ‘Big Ashley.’ I blame those gorgeous eyes.
‘Little Ashley’s’ dress came from Two Birds Bridesmaids and head piece is from Headmistress.

 narnia-wedding-7 narnia-wedding-8

And the dress… as if I could forget this dress!

MRS. Bridal Boutique, as always, delivered on the most incredible gown.

Blush and Ivory Wedding at the Old Mill

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I think a lot of people who don’t work in bridal assume that for wedding vendors, they all just blend together. You work with one bride, you’ve worked with them all. But for me, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Seeing these images of Jacquie and John proves that for me.



I don’t always get to see the pictures from brides. Life after weddings is hectic. Settling into a new home, catching up after a honeymoon or getting ready to welcome a new addition into their lives, newlyweds are busy people. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through the bottomless pit that is google, a face will catch my eye and I’ll know that I was there for that wedding day. And that’s how I found these shots of Jacquie, browsing through the archives of amazing wedding photographers, Avenue Photo.

Immediately I was taken back to Jacquie’s wedding day and I’m getting a little misty just thinking about it. It was June of last year and unbelievably hot. That sticky, uncomfortable heat and we were just waiting for it to pass (and it did by the afternoon! It was a gorgeous day!). All of the brides that year were desperate for peonies’ and being sorely disappointed. I remember Sweet Pea’s delivering their amazing flowers and relaying how lucky Jacquie had been.



Prior to the wedding, I had fallen in love with her family. She and her sister made me belly laugh until I would have to step away from Jacquie’s hair while curling it. Oh. And her parents. Their obvious pride, excitement and love was palpable.

As my second artist, Ronnie, and I prepped all the girls in this beautiful sunroom in the house she had grown up in, we watched her dad walk down towards the end of the backyard. Facing away from the house, overlooking the ravine, I realised he was practicing his speech. I still remember seeing his shoulders round, his head down and catching him wipe away unexpected tears… and I’m actually just as choked up remembering it now as I was the day of the wedding.



Call me a soft touch. I deserve it – I cry at Tim Horton’s commercials. I’m still shocked by how touching weddings can be. Love is sweet. Family is wonderful. And I so overwhelmed by my luck at being able to share in that warmth.

Over a year later… Thank you Jacquie, for including me in your most special day!


You can see more from this wedding at Today’s Bride or Avenue Photos’ recap on their blog.

All Photography by Avenue Photo

Dress from Jealous Bridesmaids

Flowers from Sweet Pea’s

*Disclosure Notice: Bridesmaid with the short brown hair had gone to her own stylist for her beautiful do. I wish I knew who did it because it’s gorgeous and he deserves credit but I just did her makeup! Everyone else’s hair and makeup was all me!

Lauren’s Everyday Matte Makeup Look

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In February I was gifted a new matte eyeshadow palette from the wonderfully kind, Vicki Millar, a makeup artist I was lucky enough to assist. I was so excited to try it out so I called an amazing Toronto photographer, Alex Lee, of Young Hearts, to put a shoot together. Wanting to create a casual matte makeup look, I had my chance when Lauren and her sweet pup posed for some photos with Alex. Lauren is pretty low key with makeup day to day, so my product list followed her lead. Enjoy! matte-makeup-look

Terms and Conditions

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  • all bookings are subject to a quote, including total cost payable.
  • total cost includes services requested, trials, travel or any extras as agreed between us in writing.
  • acceptance of quote signifies acceptance of terms and conditions in their entirety.
  • a booking date is not confirmed until the agreed deposit amount is received in cleared funds.
  • any changes to booking after acceptance of quote must be agreed upon in writing and followed with a revised quote. I reserve the right to deny changes if cancellations are made without sufficient notice.
  • brides and wedding services require a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm wedding day booking.
  • brides pay the remaining 50% balance upon arrival on or prior to booking date
  • deposits are non refundable. if booking date is cancelled, the deposit will not be returned. If a wedding date is changed, all efforts will be made to accomodate the new date though no guaranties are made. If changed wedding date cannot be accommodated, deposit will not be returned.
  • payments may be made in cash, cheque or email money transfer
  • pay pal is also accepted but accounts within North America will incur a 5% fee on pre tax total. Accounts outside of North America will incur a 7% fee on pre tax total
  • in the event of a major catastrophe I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement and your deposit will be passed on to them. However, no guarantee is offered or implied as to the availability of a replacement artist, in which event, your deposit will be refunded.
  • the bride agrees to hold harmless Ashley Readings and assistants from any liability from allergic reactions, injuries, losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to bride or bridal party.